IntraSystems Advisory Division’s guiding principle of “Driving Change by Empowering People” puts people first in an integrated approach to application modernization, cybersecurity, cloud, enterprise, and organizational change. With expertise across multiple industries and business functions, IntraSystems Advisory Division helps bring harmony to the delicate balance of people and digital.

IntraSystems has partnered with Mendix, a pioneering Low Code application platform, to deliver software that helps clients stay competitive. Chuck Hoppenrath, Partner, Modern Applications and Hybrid Cloud at IntraSystems Advisory Division, says, “Our partnership with Mendix allows us to create more efficient, scalable, and secure applications. By combining our expertise in modernizing legacy applications with Low Code capabilities, we can create software that helps our clients gain insights and make quicker, well-informed decisions. Their experience and integrations across multiple verticals and with SAP and Amazon Web Services strongly align with our clients’ needs and strategic direction.”

Chris Merz, Partner Management Executive at Mendix, says, “Working closely with IntraSystems allows us to provide clients with low-cost solutions customized to their unique needs. Combining our Low Code expertise, we help clients stay competitive and improve efficiency. Together, we drive change, innovate, and transform business processes while maintaining the highest security and efficiency standards.”

For more information on this partnership or to inquire about Low Code strategy, please get in touch with Chuck Hoppenrath.

About IntraSystems Advisory Division

IntraSystems Advisory Division is a technology company on a mission to help businesses unlock their full potential by modernizing legacy applications, enhancing cybersecurity, driving organizational change, and optimizing enterprise solutions. With the guiding principle of “Driving Change by Empowering People,” IntraSystems Advisory Division enables businesses to unleash their full potential and thrive in today’s dynamic digital landscape.