IntraSystems Advisory Division is designed to help engage our clients across a broad continuum of challenges – from hybrid cloud strategy, cyber security and GRC, Enterprise Service Management, Data and Analytics, and Organizational Change Management. The typical line of demarcation ends there for many consulting companies – leaving the modernization of the applications that run on the newly deployed and secure hybrid cloud infrastructure for another team. IntraSystems can help our clients move past this barrier and assist with this critical endeavor.

We can support modern application development and strategy on several levels – from traditional application development, application strategy and rationalization, and identifying elements where automation might be inserted to integrate platforms in new ways. One powerful tool in this space is the advent of low code / no code platforms.

IntraSystems recently partnered with Mendix – the leader in the Low Code space — to expand our application capabilities and offer enhanced services to our clients. The fit between IntraSystems and Mendix is a natural one. The technology and problems that Mendix helps solve align with our methodology, and our partnership enables us to expand our application capabilities and offer more comprehensive solutions to our clients. Here are some problems Mendix can help solve:

  • Miscommunication between IT and Business
    Mendix can help foster a community of Citizen Developers, technically inclined employees embedded within the business who can create powerful applications themselves.
  • Fragmented Tooling Across the Enterprise
    Mendix deployments can help standardize technology approaches across lines of business and ease the support burden on IT.
  • Disconnect Between Tech Standards and App Development
    Mendix-developed applications inherit the security and governance models that go into their initial deployment, increasing security standardization across the app landscape.

Mendix has been recognized as a market segment leader by Gartner in multiple Magic Quadrants and the Forrester Wave for Low Code Platforms. With almost twenty years as a well-established ecosystem of developers and applications created on the platform, its strategic partnerships with SAP and Amazon Web Services strongly align with our client needs and strategic direction.

This partnership will offer our clients an agile, cost-effective, and powerful technology that can help connect, modernize, and extend existing platforms and applications within the enterprise. Web and mobile applications and powerful reporting tools can quickly move projects past proof-of-concept deployments to production-ready applications quickly and affordably.

Mendix will also enable IntraSystems to service a critical vertical and technology. The broad agnostic capabilities Mendix enables across technologies drive powerful integration and application development techniques into manufacturing companies. The partnership with SAP allows for deep customization of that platform across a quickly evolving hybrid cloud landscape.

Our “Driving Change by Empowering People” mission helps businesses unleash their full potential. We know that the best way to empower people is by helping modernize the applications and business services they interact with consistently. Customers and employees have come to demand and expect secure, uncomplicated interactions with data and services. Mendix-developed solutions delivered by IntraSystems can help fill that need and unleash its full potential.