Robert Dillard

Managing Director Advisory

Robert brings over 25 years of experience working within corporate environments and with clients to develop technology solutions driving business outcomes in a variety of spaces. He has a track record of building and equipping successful teams to drive digital business initiatives across multiple employers. He has directly led assessments and strategic engagements at multiple Fortune 200 through 1000 companies.

Andre Wu

Senior Partner

Andre is leading ACCSCIENT Digital’s growth towards helping our clients achieve their digital business initiatives. He leverages his almost three decades of experience working in global enterprises, startups and boutique solution providers to ensure our focus is on achieving our client’s success while helping our people develop their skills in a collaborative and positive environment.

Abhishek Bhate

Managing Director – International

Abhishek is a passionate technology strategist with 22 years of success in incubating and implementing business transformations for global companies by focussing on business simplification through digital strategy and program management. Being a results-driven executive with extensive experience in customer success, account management, consulting, pre-sales and delivery of cloud and on-premise solutions, he hs advised innovative and scalable solution offerings by translating C-suite business priorities into actionable programs. Abhishek’s forte is in Strategic Planning and Leadership, System Integration projects and Managed Services.

Issac Jayaraj


Issac Jayaraj is an accomplished leader with a track record of 30+ years of HR leadership experience with large global companies across multiple industries. He has successfully led large organizations through various corporate transformations. He is recognized for constantly delivering forward-thinking and creative talent solutions that drive strong, sustained business results.

Bharath Vellanki


Our CFO, Bharath Vellanki is a highly accomplished senior accounting and financial management executive with three Master’s Degrees and over 28 years of experience in both the Public and Private Sectors.
Over his 15 year tenure with ACCSCIENT, as Executive Vice President and CFO, Mr. Vellanki has overseen countless due diligence efforts and double digit acquisitions around the globe.  
His leadership has streamlined the post-acquisition transition and back office integration process for new organizations while eliminating any disruption to business operations.
During his tenure ACCSCIENT has grown its revenues both organically and inorganically from 20+MM to 250+MM.

Wes Wilkins

Director – Marketing

Wes brings over 22 years of experience in the B2B and B2C Marketing realms, working alongside some of the most recognizable brands in the nation. Having worked in SaaS and IT Service product development and Marketing since 2008, Wes has a proven track record of bringing innovative technology offerings to markets ranging from SMB to Enterprise audiences.