The importance of OCM

McKinsey says that 70% of change initiatives fail due to lack of OCM.

The importance of OCM

McKinsey says that 70% of change initiatives fail due to lack of OCM.

Organizational Change Management ensures that changes resulting from a new project are implemented smoothly, with minimal disruption to the business and its stakeholders. It emphasizes the importance of proactive planning, effective communication, stakeholder engagement, and training to increase the probability of successful organizational change implementation and adoption.

New projects and IT initiatives affect people in how they work and conduct business. Organizational Change Management empowers people impacted by recent changes with training, engagement, and communications to embrace the change, driving positive desired behaviors, and embedding change into business as usual.

ACCSCIENT Digital exists to help organizations increase the project success rate by 60%, unlocking the value of new technology purchases and driving business goals into the future.

Our prescriptive strategies and frameworks help organizations withstand change and stay the course.

Sample Timeline

8 – 12 Week Overall Duration


Ensure Adoption

Drive the success of the program via organizational change management.

Purposefully Execute

Equip team with a detailed Change Communications Implementation
Plan, with resources to execute.

Justify Strategy

Develop Change Strategy with objectives, sponsorship, and approach.

Maximize Focus and Retainment

Ensure changes are sustained and embedded through training and education.

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