App Modernization in the

Healthcare Industry

App Modernization in the Healthcare Industry


Our client is an innovative healthcare company focused on providing mobile health solutions and remote monitoring services that help patients address the daily risks of living with cardiac arrhythmias. Core to this mission is their ability to connect 500,000+ patients with physicians while providing actionable data to refine the patient’s diagnosis to reduce the risk of serious medical events.

To better deliver on this mission, our client wanted to streamline the physician’s user experience and optimize the effectiveness of the data processing engine. However, they were limited by the rigidity of the legacy applications that collected, processed, and presented patient data to the physicians for diagnosis.


Adding to the challenge was the complexity and scale of the real-time process because data was sourced from a variety of devices that collected the information directly from the patients during their daily lives, and leveraged a variety of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data transformation services. These meaningful results were relayed back to the monitoring centers and ultimately the physicians.

Fundamentally, the design of these applications limited the ability to meet the evolving needs from a business and operations perspective. In combination with these business challenges, our client was facing a significant internal backlog of application development and enhancement work and struggled to find the resources to address this critical need.

They turned to us, already a trusted partner working in other areas and together they co-invested in an end-to-end re-imagining of the application that removed the business and financial risk of the venture from our client’s concerns.

This solution improved time
to productivity by over 30X


We worked across the business, operations, and technology groups to capture requirements and within a month they produced a mock application and workflow design and defined a proof-of-concept initiative. Upon ratification of the POC, they launched quickly into the design and build efforts and within 6 months of the project kickoff, the new application was launched into production.

Our client was able to deliver significant front-line benefits to physicians by significantly reducing the need to switch between applications and the overall required input and interaction. Additionally, they accelerated the data intelligence functions through automation to provide actionable data when the physicians needed it. Operationally, the new application accommodated the ability to customize workflows by hospital, doctor, event, and even patient, providing a streamlined and customized experience for all parties.

Ultimately, our client was able to realize increased revenues due to the ability for the monitoring operations and physicians to greatly scale the number of patients for whom they could provide coverage. But most importantly, effort led to a significantly improved patient care experience.

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